Find out how countries worldwide are doing in their own respective games industry

Image of The Asian Game Industry

The Asian Game Industry

There are 244 game companies, 2 organisations & 1 event in The Asian Game Industry.

Image of Seoul

Seoul has 26 game companies, 1 organisation & 1 event.

Image of Shanghai

Shanghai has 18 game companies & 1 event.

Image of Minato City
Minato City

Minato City has 18 game companies.

Image of Nagano

Nagano has 13 game companies & 1 event.

Image of Shibuya City
Shibuya City

Shibuya City has 14 game companies.

Image of Shinjuku City
Shinjuku City

Shinjuku City has 13 game companies.

Image of Beijing

Beijing has 11 game companies.

Image of Chiyoda City
Chiyoda City

Chiyoda City has 9 game companies & 1 event.

Image of Tokyo

Tokyo has 9 game companies.

Image of Osaka

Osaka has 8 game companies.

Image of Downtown Core
Downtown Core

Downtown Core has 7 game companies & 1 event.

Image of Taipei

Taipei has 6 game companies & 1 event.